About Batavia

About Batavia

All tradesmen and DIY experts know that having the right tool for the job will make your life easier and give you a professional finish.

This is the principal element of the Batavia Brand! The Dutch brand develops innovative products in various directions; home, garden, workshop, office, construction – you name it!

Batavia and also their BluCave products contain obvious benefits for users and can be described as modern, functional, reliable and affordable. Batavia wants to make sure that all customers enjoy their products and become real ‘’Batavians’’.

Batavia, Tools to Build

Batavia is an international tool brand which was founded in 2009. Batavia specialises in technical innovative consumer products. In many cases these products are designed and developed by ourselves and we introduce them successfully mainly into the European, US and Australian market.     

Our company is an international corporation, headquartered in the Netherlands with branch offices in Germany, Great Britain, France as well as Hong Kong and Shanghai. Our strategic sourcing and production partners operate from various areas: Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Ningbo, Suzhou, Taiwan, Korea and also Europe. Together we develop many of our products in cooperation with professional and established factories.

With access to over 100 factories we are able to take advantage of the latest products, innovations and technology and make these available to our customers.

We have a broad product portfolio for professional and DIY use including power tools, indoor & outdoor products, workshop equipment and much more.

Our principles in daily activities are quality, innovation and time to market. Where possible, we will always use the latest and most environmentally-friendly technologies to produce our products. As an active BSCI / FTA Member we follow and closely monitor structural and consistent enforcement of international social standards within the production facilities of our trading partners.

We shape the future and are a valuable addition to the retail industry thanks to our innovative products and methods of cooperation and marketing. In independent competition and comparison tests our tools always convince by strong product features and obvious added value.

We offer a perfect service platform in terms of after-sales and user support. We are always available for you and will work as partners for common growth and maximum success. Take advantage of our know-how in global trade to reach your customers more quickly and efficiently. A wealth of strong POS solutions are provided to support retail sales, both in-store and online.

Join the success story!

We also offer a large number of strong POS solutions as active sales support for our retail partners, and in addition we also have highly qualified content for online sales.