Batavia Re-engaged

Batavia Re-engaged

Geplaatst op: 21-09-2017

Introducing Batavia Maxx

I started Batavia in early 2009 with the mindset of focusing on innovative and unique products. I wanted to tap into the do-it-yourself trend and how much fun DIY is when you have the right tools for the job. With Batavia Tools and accessories, we wanted to find a place between the capital-based tools market and the established order of things.

To maintain our constant innovation, we realised that is was time for a rebranding and reestablishing our position within the tools and DIY market. We wanted to emphasise our brand positioning as an innovative, dynamic and quality-based tool brand. A brand that had a unique offering, that could really speak to the consumer(and that a younger audience could relate to) and the sellers. A brand that stood out from the rest of the DIY tool world.

I first got the idea for a DIY Hero when I saw a man walking into a DIY store. He had 2 artificial titanium legs and only 1 arm. He walked in like a normal guy, not a care in the world. He was inspiring. What a tough guy he had to be to have undergone what he did and still come out on top. What a super hero! This titanium man inspired me to start looking into a DIY Tool Hero for the Batavia brand. Initially I contemplated asking this titanium man to be the face of our DIY hero, but then realised that I actually don’t want to be associated too much with a real persona. I would rather work independently as Batavia.

After many months of brainstorming, we finally decided on a basic sketch and took the idea from there. We wanted a superhero who was the epitome of the Batavia brand. Someone who was strong, represented technology, our tools and extreme innovation…

This has lead to the creation of our DIY hero Batavia Maxx. We named him Maxx as we wanted to make our hero personal and relatable. The name Maxx already defines a lot of what we are doing. We are a tough brand that offers maximum power and the ultimate tools for the job. We also already have a Maxx range of tools that are on offer.

Batavia Maxx is what every person wants to feel like when doing a DIY project. He is smart, he is powerful, he is innovative and is able to tackle any DIY project (much to the joy of his family and friends). When he looks in the mirror, he feels like a real DIY Hero. Batavia Maxx is what everyone can be with Batavia tools. They enable you to feel like a true DIY Hero, a true Batavia Maxx. We want everyone to be able to achieve their DIY goals with Batavia Tools.

We will be using Batavia Maxx within all of Batavia’s branding, online, offline and at point of sale.

Our packaging has also been changed to align with the new branding. It incorporates the Batavia triangles with a more sleek design as shown below. Similar changes have been done for all other kinds of CI element like advertising grids, letterhead, manuals etc

I am convinced that this rebranding will take Batavia to the next step as a DIY Tool brand. A brand that equips you to achieve your DIY goals and aspirations. A brand that is innovative, powerful and provides real quality tools.

Innovative Power is Our Quality.



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