How to get rid of weeds

How to get rid of weeds

Geplaatst op: 04-08-2017

There is no way you can get rid of weeds 100%.

However, you can limit, control or kill most of these unwanted trespassers with a homemade weed killer or other organic weed methods.

Sometimes it’s hard to pull or dig out weeds in paths or hard to reach places, and that’s when this natural weed zapping idea is useful.

o Use it carefully, both to keep weeds from competing with your good plants and to keep your property neat. Remember, one weed seeding is as bad as two love-struck rabbits…

How to kill weeds with steam:

1. The Steam Boxxer can be used as a weed control machine too.

2. It is best to use steam to kill weeds in large areas, like yards and driveways. If you need to protect a plant, cut out the bottom from a large can, soda bottle, old hot-water bottle, bucket or something suitable, and put it over the plant.

3. Hot steam is also very effective for going all the way, or a long way to eradicating woody weeds. But make sure to put the protection (can, bucket, bottle etc) over the weed you want to destroy, then direct the steam into it. This stops surrounding plants from being harmed, plus concentrates the steam into one powerful spot.

4. Wear shoes and cover up bare skin. Be careful of the cord to the electrical output, and keep pets and children away.

Organic vs Chemicals Weed Solutions

Organic weed killing methods are ‘contact’ killers. They work by destroying the plant matter that they touch. Do this enough and the weed has no greenery to carry out photosynthesis—it starves to death.

Chemical weed killers are mostly ‘systemic’. They are absorbed or taken up by the plant and work from within, destroying and killing the whole plant, roots and all.

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