Croc Lock workbench and clamping system

Croc Lock workbench and clamping system

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Features of Croc Lock workbench and clamping system

Multifunctional: An amazing work bench for many applications such as for example holding doors, fences, wood, ceiling boards, bikes, metal, automotive components and many other items.

The portable work- and clamping Croc Lock system provides a powerful clamping system, with a strength of up to 1000 kg, that allows as much and as little clamping force needed for the used material. Even an egg can be clamped without breaking it.

The foot operated clamping system allow both hands to be free, allowing your hands to control the job on a working level of 87.5 cm. The lock knob provides a quick release of each sort of clamped material. The clamping system operates in two positions, by turning the clamp rail around (180°) this will allow a larger clamping position for example doors up to a clamping length of 956 mm (soft jaw pads removed).

The tripod base with foot pads allows to even operate safely on uneven surfaces. Assembly is quick, and it’s as quickly folded up for storage. It comes with carry handles for easy transportation. A wide and unique selection of accessory possibilities for the Croc Lock can be ordered separately.

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Technical information:

  • Footprint (standing): 1010 x 1060 x 875 mm
  • Footprint (folded): 797 x 302 x 325 mm
  • Jaw size: 205 x 80 mm
  • Net weight: 19 kg
  • Clamping range: 0 – 956 mm
  • Clamping force: 1000 kg
  • Maximum load: 150 kg
  • Working height: 875 mm

Delivery includes:

  • 1 x Croc Lock
  • In carton box

Item number:

  • 7059645

EAN code:

  • 4050255010282
The CROC LOCK has no restrictions within the technical specification
With the foot pedal, the workpiece is clamped
Thanks to the foot pedal the hands free, and is used to clamp with more power
The CROC LOCK is with some acts quickly collapsible and therefore easy to take with you
Das Arbeitsstück wird mittels des Fußpedals festgeklemmt