Maxxfire BBQ Lighter | 8V Li-Ion

Maxxfire BBQ Lighter | 8V Li-Ion

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Features of Maxxfire BBQ Lighter | 8V Li-Ion

Fast, safe and easy way to light your BBQ
Are you fed up of waiting for the coals to glow? The Maxxfire is the ideal product for you! Heat your barbecue within minutes without using igniting blocks or fluid. Thanks to the integrated heating element and the built-in fan, the charcoal is heated quickly, easily and safely without annoying smoke. Deliciously prepared meat and vegetables without the taste of charcoal igniters. The Maxxfire is cordless and can be taken anywhere.

  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • Easy to use
  • The charcoal is ready within minutes
  • Cordless appliance – usable everywhere
  • No firing blocks or liquid needed – no smoke
  • No chemical substances – better for your health
  • Fully light your BBQ up to 5 times with one battery charge

This product is only suitable for Charcoal.

Briquettes or wood are too compact, therefore the Maxxfires heating element is designed to initially only light charcoal. Once the charcoal is glowing, you can add the rest of the charcoal or some briquettes/wood. Then activate the built-in fan to fire up the BBQ.


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Technical information
Rated voltage: 8 V DC
Rated power: 65 W
Rated voltage and frequency charger: 230 – 240 V~ 50 Hz
Rated power charger: 10 W
Battery: 8 V DC Li-Ion, 2.0 Ah
Temperature: 600 °C
Air flow: 180 L/min, 14 m/s
Product weight without accessories: 0.5 kg
Product dimensions (L × W × H): 29 × 6.1 × 24.5 cm

Delivery includes
Maxxfire Fire lighter
2.0 Ah battery pack
Charger with charging base


Logistical data
Item–No.: 7062935
EAN: 4050255036718
HS code: 8419 8998
Dimensions unit packaging
(L × W × H): 30 × 6.5 × 21 cm
Gross weight unit packaging: 0.8 kg
Quantity / Export carton: 6 pcs
Dimensions export carton
(L × W × H): 42 × 32 × 23 cm
Gross weight export carton: 5.3 kg
Quantity / Pallet: 252 pcs
20′GP: 5370 pcs
40′GP: 11220 pcs
40′HC: 12720 pcs

28 Nov, 2017 by Mark Lopreiato
It'd be an outstanding gift as well! I love to grill. I want one!!!
Maxxfire looks like an awesome lighter, especially since it doesn't require any gases to ignite my bbq. My wife and I prefer cooking without chemicals! I'm also impressed it's cordless, that makes it great for bonfires on the beach and camping too. It'd be an outstanding gift as well! I love to grill. I want one!!!