BluCave power module

BluCave power module

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Features of BluCave power module

The BluCave power module combines power & light in one convenient module. It has a handy retractable power cable and a back-lit on/off switch. 

This module also docks the BluCave work light and power strip (not included) and comes with a circuit breaker. It has a built in power outlet and can be mounted with a BluCave rail. Also portable and it has a on/off switch.

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Technical information:

  • Power cable length: 6 m
  • Input cable length: 1 m
  • Weight: 7.5 kg
  • Length: 535 mm
  • Width: 425 mm
  • Height: 265 mm

Item number:

  • 7060528

EAN code: 

  • 4050255011425