BluCave Hood
Keep everything safe&secure.
Supported by a gas struts opening mechanism.
(Shelf 7060527 is required to lock the hood) BC Hood
Single drawer
Slide and click into the carry cabinets.
Requires 1 slot per carry cabinet
(max. is 10 slots per carry cabinet) Single Drawer
Audio Zone
- Compact speaker
- Bluetooth 4.0 + NFC
- Touch control
- Powerful sound
- Clicks in carry cabinet
BC Audio Zone

Double Drawer
Slide and click into the carry cabinet
Requires 2 slots per carry cabinet
(max. is 10 slots per carry cabinet)

Double drawer
Carry Cabinet
Portable and mountable on the rail and mix-sets with 2bay or 4 bay rail. Carry cabinet
Power Module
230 V, 50 Hz
Incl. 1 mtr powerfeed cable
Incl. 6 mtr retractable cable
Safety switch Power module
Work Light
230 V, 50 Hz
28 W
Cable 0.60 mtr ‚Äď stored
Docks inside the Powermodule
and under the shelf Work Light
Power Strip
230 V, 50 Hz
1.50 mtr length incl. 4 sockets
Docks inside the Powermodule
and under the shelf Power strip
Integrated worklight connector and powerstrip connectors (2) to illuminate and power your workzone. Shelf

Blucave Workzone, the smartest and coolest storage system in the world!

You think storage products are boring? You are wrong!
With the BluCave Workzone you can create a modern workzone that not only stores your workshop products conveniently but looks amazing as well. Tools and accessories are stored in transparent Carry Cabinets and Drawers so you can immediately find what you need. Power and Lighting are available in an instant. The Hood and Shelf lock your precious items away to keep children safe and create a clean modern workshop. Large Tower Cabinets can store a huge range of items that you have in your garage or workshop. Efficient and stable, the Workbench Top is easily assembled between two large cabinets to finish your BluCave Workzone professionally. And what would a workshop be without Great Sound when playing your favourite Music? The BluCave Workzone has it all!


Explode-0 Explode-0

Blucave is modular and can be expanded. You can start building small and expand it as you wish. Every craftsman is unique and so is every Blucave workzone unique.




Thanks to the practical handle it's easy to carry the case wherever needed.



Simply click the case into the rail.




Just press the handle to the side when the case is hanging on the rain and you can open it and store all your items



Before After


  • Perfect for home use
  • Easily sort all of your things. Great for different uses e.g:
    • A case with a drill, bits, screws, hammer, nails, etc...
    • A case with bicycle repair stuff, air pump, etc..
    • A case with BBQ Lighter, BBQ tong & fork, spade, etc...
  • Perfect for different hobbies:
    • Model building
    • Fishing
    • Drone accessories
    • etc...
  • It's modular, you can start small and expand with every birthday, Christmas, ...
  • Easily organise your DIY things and hobbies into one handy spot.
  • Never lose your things again.
  • Once you are done with your task, simply click the case back into its spot and you are done cleaning up.


Blucave is handy for any kind of business. Looking to create a professional workshop? Simply need a handy storage solution in your office? Blucave can help!
If you extend your system with the lockable Hood you can even make use of insurance benefits.


Blucave can easily be installed in your van or caddy. It's the perfect solution for you to bring your tools and accessories to every job. Your transporter will never look untidy again!

You can simply hang one rail in your storage space and another in your vehicle, this way your things will always stay where they belong.