Yes, a manual should be delivered with the product and can also be downloaded on the product page of this website. If you need any extra information about a product, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Yes, please consult the user manual that should have been included with the product. You should also be able to access the user manual on the specific product page on this site. If you have any other questions, please get in touch with us.

Yes, where applicable Batavia provides almost all products accessories and enhancements.

Many accessories are universal. Please consult your dealer or visit our website www.batavia.eu

You can buy accessories from the retailer that you purchased the product from or online at Bataviastore.com

Yes, most of the products you can find a product movie on the website www.batavia.eu and / or on the website of your supplier or scan the QR code

For all Batavia products, a warranty of 2 years applies

Yes, in principle, there are parts available for all products Batavia.

Yes, all Batavia products meet the required safety standards, provided that the rules prescribed observed!

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